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Customer Question: What size are your Cute Compression Socks?

I ask myself a similar question every time I get my youngest dressed. Sure, the tag **says** it should fit my 12 month old, but there’s just no way he’s fitting in there.

That being said… let’s go back to your question.

What size are your Cute Compression Socks?

These socks are modeled after a CEP II… basically, they’re a super-tight medium. They should fit most ladies who wear women’s sizes 6-10 (US).

There is, however, some wiggle room. So if you’re a size 5.5 or an 11, these still might fit you. The 6-10/Medium is just a general guideline.

And how far should they come up my leg?

Just like a CEP II, these socks are designed to come up to just below your knee. Now, they’re super stretchy, so if you wanted to wear them as thigh-highs, you probably could (but man alive – they’d be crazy tight!! So, yeah, I don’t recommend trying it).

When you pull on your socks, test them out. If they’re coming up too high on your leg, adjust them down a bit, especially around your ankles. Now, the reason you want to adjust the socks around your ankles is simple physics: ankles move, so you don’t want them restricted by stretched-too-tightly compression socks.

I have to adjust my socks every time I put them on, otherwise they end up hugging my knees all day. But by pulling them down to below the knee (and giving my ankles a little more sock space to wiggle around in), my legs are crazy comfortable all day long.

And as you adjust the socks, you can practically ignore the “one-size-fits-most” label, because you can get some serious extra wiggle room in the sizing.

So there you have it: our Cute Compression Socks are (officially) “One Size Fits Most” but fit like a Medium – for US women’s sizes 6-10.

Remember: adjusting the socks to fit right gives some wiggle room on that, though. 🙂

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