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Hiking in Compression Socks (with kids!)

I love being outside. Even with my pale white skin and ginger hair, I love being outside. I just wear lots of sunscreen!

And while it’s still this beautiful spring weather, I’m trying extra hard to get my kids outside, too. My sister-in-law and I met up for a visit to the nature center – a massive preserve that houses wild animals that have been injured and can’t be released.

So not only do we get to go hiking, eat a picnic, and see some awesome animals, but we get to have a lot of fun with family, too!

Hiking in compression socks – my new hiking must-have

After spending several hours hiking around the nature center on its trails (most of which were just glorified hiking paths) with 3 kids under the age of 5, a double jogging stroller, and a baby who refused to be put down, I was tired. I was exhausted! But I was glad for 3 things:

  • That jogging stroller was a lifesaver for the older two boys!
  • My Ergo baby carrier meant I could carry my clingy baby and still manage the other kids.
  • My compression socks that kept my legs going no matter what the terrain or tantrum.

Seriously. Those compression socks helped me stay on my feet. They made me wish I had some sort of compression shirt or something on, though, because my lower back was ON FIRE! But hey, baby wearing for 4 hours while hiking would give anyone a back ache, right? (that or I need to do more core workouts…)

Now, I have to admit that I was wearing my test pair of our NEW blue and gray compression socks – because hey, somebody has to test them!

Testing our socks by doing (and hiking!)

Sneak Peek at the New Socks
Sneak peek at the NEW design!

Now, I’m not the only sock tester. (A HUGE shout-out to all of our testers, by the way!)

So our socks get all sorts of activities thrown at them by our testers – soccer games, running, hiking, days at home with the kids, 12 hour hospital shifts, in the field on an ambulance, on planes, and more.

All of this means that we’re one step closer to having blue and gray striped compression socks available. And I’m **SUPER** excited about that. Because while I love my pink and gray socks, it’s sure nice to have another option for when I’m having a blue day.

Stay tuned… we’ll be having a GIVEAWAY soon. That’s right – you’re going to be able to WIN a FREE pair of your own blue and gray striped compression socks before you can buy them. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook for all of the details.

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